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Rescue Dog Receives “Mercedes Benz Of Wheelchairs” After Surviving Car Accident.

A dog who couldn't use her back legs received a special wheelchair.

After losing the use of both her back legs, this dog wasn’t doing well. She’d been horrifically neglected, left to drag herself around with her front paws while being overwhelmed by insects. Her face was also swollen where she’d been bitten by another dog. Thankfully, a rescue organization called The Animal Pad discovered the pooch during a trip to Mexico and immediately rushed her to the vet!

Henry Friedman, one of the rescuers, posted videos to Instagram and TikTok including heartbreaking footage of the pup when they first found her. He noted that the dog’s owner seemed unconcerned about her condition.


We’re all she’s got right now so we’re going to fight like h*ll to keep her alive and comfortable. And if you’re able, Bunny needs people in her corner right now who will fight with/for her. So if you’re able to help Bunny, all of the additional money we raise this month on #teamfinn will be donated to support Bunny’s recovery— Please see the link in my bio to help/join the fight. Bunny wouldn’t have a chance without the amazing work by @theanimalpad, @losadoptables, and the incredible support from the #teamfinn community… 🙏❤️ #fyp #foryou #dogsoftiktok #rescuedog #doglover #animalrescue #rescue #dogs

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“We told the owner we’d bring his dog right back after she saw a doctor so he agreed to let us take her,” said Henry in the video. However, he and his other team members had no intention of returning the pooch once she’d received proper medical care.

Vets determined that the dog had been hit by a car, judging from her injuries. Later, Henry gave his followers another update. Renamed “Bunny” by her rescuers, the dog was doing much better after her surgery! Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to use her back legs again, which meant that she’d need a wheelchair to get around.


Replying to @wikxox BUNNY UPDATE: She’s in the USA, she’s stable, and she’s currently being cared for by our friends at @theanimalpad… And thanks to the incredible support from the #teamfinn community (link in bio) and beyond (raising a combined ~$30k), Bunny will have the absolute best medical care available to her, full stop. She still has a difficult road ahead of her, but as long as she’s willing/able to keep on fighting, we will continue to fight by her side—that’s a promise. We’re all feeling good/positive about her current condition/prognosis and will continue to share updates with all of you as it happens. SOOO, PLEASE keep Bunny in your thoughts. Please keep checking in on Bunny. Please keep fighting for Bunny. And Please show Bunny some love in the comment’s below! And a very special thank you to @losadoptables for the quick/decisive action to evacuate/rescue Bunny from the awful place we found her in. She wouldn’t be here without you ❤️🙏 #fyp #foryou #dogsoftiktok #rescuedog #animalrescue #rescue #dogs

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USA Today tells us that one TikToker left a comment on the original video that would inadvertently change Bunny’s life. After seeing everything the dog went through, the user wrote that she should have the “Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs.” This gave Henry an idea.

“Bunny deserves the best,” he said. “I pitched the idea to Mercedes, and they absolutely loved it. They agreed to hook Bunny up with a custom wheelchair.”

Teaming up with Eddie’s Wheels, which creates wheelchairs for dogs, Mercedes-Benz designed a special mobility aid that would allow Bunny to walk and run again!

A dog who couldn't use her back legs received a special wheelchair.
Screengrab from Henry and Finn/Instagram

“These wheels will open Bunny’s world significantly and make her much more adoptable!” wrote Henry in another Instagram post.

Speaking of which, you check out all the adorable dogs up for adoption at The Animal Pad on their website.

Watch the video below to see Bunny take her new wheelchair for a spin!

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