Paddleboarder Captures Incredible Moment Curious Orcas Swim Up To Investigate

View from someone on a paddleboard. Just breaking the surface of the water next to them is a massive orca swimming by.

There are simply some creatures we naturally gravitate away from, notably those that are intimidating in appearance. Although orcas fall under this category for many of us, turns out, they’re actually quite friendly with humans. In fact, they’re known to almost never attack us in the wild. We’re not food to them so, on the rare occasion they do attack, it’s when they’re provoked or in captivity.

This is information one man in New Zealand must have already known. While on his paddleboard off the coast of Castor Bay, a whole pod of curious orcas approached. Rather than freaking out, the man simply takes a moment to record this incredible interaction.

@6abcactionnews Orcas check out paddleboarder off the coast of Castor Bay, New Zealand #fyp #orcas #newzealand ♬ original sound – 6abc Action News

In the video, multiple orca can be seen circling around the paddleboarder. Still, he remains calm as he gives them lots of compliments. They seem to appreciate them because, in turn, they keep coming back. It’s safe to say, then, that their feelings of fascination are mutual!

Curious Orcas Circle a Paddleboard in New Zealand, Delighting Us All

“The fact that they know you’re not prey is incredible,” someone in the comments writes.

“That is my dream!” another shares. “I would love to be paddle boarding and have this happen to me.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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