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Cheetah Family Sleeps With Wildlife Ranger Every Night In The Safety Of His Camp

A man sleeping with a family of cheetahs.

You might not think of cheetahs as the cuddliest critters, but one man finds himself sleeping with a whole family of them every night! An incredible video on Facebook shows a ranger getting cozy with a group of these big cats. This surveillance footage captures some very sweet moments of the cheetahs sleeping curled up next to the man. He even puts his arms around them!

Commenters on the video couldn’t get over seeing this man sleeping so close to a group of cheetahs.

“Most protected man on this planet!” joked one user.

“They are all gently fighting to sleep closer to him throughout the night,” said another, noting how the big cats get up and change places with each other at various points in the video.

Although this footage is really cute, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go looking for a cheetah cuddle companion of your own. The man in the video is a ranger and seems to know these cheetahs well enough to feel comfortable sleeping with them. United Parks and Resorts tells us that there are currently no documented cases of a wild cheetah killing a human being, but dealing with these animals should still be left to the professionals!

A man sleeping with a family of cheetahs.
Screengrab from Facebook

It’s amazing to see how affectionate animals can be when they feel safe with someone. This man is so lucky to have fostered such a beautiful relationship with these cheetahs that they’re happy to sleep next to him!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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