“Otterly Adorable Facts” About Animals, Courtesy Of Google

Image shows two otters holding hands to keep from drifting apart.

Almost everyone uses Google as their primary search engine. Whether you are conducting research for specific information or just goofing around, Google provides answers. When a search page populates, you can find snippets with interesting tidbits about your search term or phrase. When you ask specific questions, you can get short, concise responses that fit your query, such as these adorable animal facts.

1. Do Penguins Fall In Love?

Image shows the search results with animal facts to answer the question "Do Penguins Fall In Love?"
Image from Instagram.

Penguins are always a favorite attraction at the zoo. They have peculiar habits at times but live peaceably in a communal setting.

Image shows a row of penguins standing in line along the edge of a rock cliff face.
Image from Pexels.

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