Orthodontic Staff Go “Below” And Beyond To Help Young Patient With Dwarfism.

child standing on man's back

Going to the orthodontist can be pretty scary, especially when you’re a little one. This kid had an orthodontist appointment but needed a little bit of extra help. She has dwarfism and, therefore, wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the X-ray machine!

The staff realized what they needed to do. Though they didn’t have a stool… they did have a man who could help give a boost!

Watch this orthodontist’s office rally together to help this girl get her X-rays.

The staff member laid right down on the floor, providing a fantastic step-up for this young child. Thank goodness he was there (and willing to lie down and be stepped on!).

Dozens of thousands of people have loved this video so far, taking to the comments to praise the orthodontist’s team for helping this kiddo out.

girl stands on orthodontist's back
This image is from TikTok.

“That’s so freaking sweet and cute. They went above and beyond. I love it,” said one viewer, loving the positive environment.

“So bizarre that there wasn’t a single stool in the office and so fabulous how they decided to fix it!” said another, praising the problem-solving skills of the orthodontist office.

Sometimes, when problems pop up, you have to just get down and dirty to deal with it! This staff member did just that — and with a smile, too!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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