13-Yr-Old Becomes First-Ever Human To Beat Tetris Game.

kid freaking out about video game

At only 13 years old, this kid became the first person on the planet to beat the original Tetris game. How epic is that?

The game has been out for nearly 35 years and not one person has ever completed it. This Oklahoma kid’s dedication to the game got him a record!

Willis Gibson, the kid who beat Tetris, was streaming his gaming. You can see the focus in his eyes as he plays, increasing in stress as he gets closer and closer to beating the game.

It took a massive 38 minutes to complete the game, requiring complete focus and dedication the entire time. Focusing that hard is difficult for anyone, let alone thirteen-year-olds! This kid is seriously special.

kid beats tetris game
This image is from YouTube.

After 157 levels, Tetris crashed, signifying that the kid had beaten the game! His achievement is national news, appearing on The Today Show among other places.

The gaming community is so excited for him. Folks have shown up in the comment section to discuss Willis’s achievement.

“What. A. Beast. I don’t think y’all understand what it takes to do what this kid did at such a young age nonetheless,” said one fan.

What a cool start to 2024!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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