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Officer Breaks Down While Giving Update On Struggling Veteran He Encountered During A Traffic Stop.

Officer Kyle Kaelberer covers his mouth with his hand, holding back tears.

You never know what someone else is going through. Connecticut State Trooper Kyle Kaelberer was reminded of this months ago. It was September 11, and he was tasked with traffic enforcement duty. It was late at night, and nothing out of the ordinary had happened so far. Kyle was parked in a grassy area between an off-ramp and the highway when a truck parked behind him. At that moment, the officer and the veteran in the truck had no idea the impact they were about to have one one another.

At first, Kyle thought that the person in the truck may be looking at directions. But considering the odd placement of the vehicle, and how long they were taking, he knew he needed to investigate.

Officer Kyle Kaelberer talks about the veteran who asked him for a hug.

“I could tell right away by his voice and how he was acting that this was someone looking for help and not looking to start trouble,” Kyle says.

There’s now a viral video of their interaction. In it, Kyle discovers a man in his 20s. He’s distraught, and he’s on the phone with a suicide hotline for veterans. Thanks to the officer’s kind demeanor and ability to get a simple conversation going, he’s able to help the young man. The heartbreaking video ends with the veteran asking the officer if he can have a hug.

Since that day, the officer and veteran have caught up, with Kyle is happy to give us updates on their lives now.

Kindhearted Officer and Veteran Change Each Other’s Lives

“About a week later, I’m checking my voicemail at work and he left one and… sorry,” Kyle says as he starts to get choked up.

The veteran reached out to thank the officer. He also hoped to meet in person so they could chat when he wasn’t going through a crisis. Kyle happily agreed. During their chat, the officer was able to give the young man lots of gifts — in the time since the video went viral, Kyle has received lots of them. As for how the meeting went? It couldn’t have gone better.

“We hugged out again,” Kyle shares. “He’s doing good. He’s doing really good. And I think he’s going to be a very successful young man. No doubt.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this kindhearted officer and veteran.

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