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The Ultimate Joyride: Heroes Give The Gift Of Mobility To Disabled Families In Need.

Both images show families who received donationed wheelchair-accessible vans offering them the gift of mobility.

The United States is a nation of drivers. Almost everyone seems to own a car (or two), and most people would rather drive than ride public transportation. But not everyone can jump in a car and go, and that’s what we’re here to discuss today. There is a need to help people with disabilities achieve the same level of mobility as people without them. MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund offers the gift of mobility and has been making a difference since 2006.

How MagicMobility Vans Began

MagicMobility Vans began as an inclusion within a “donate a car” fundraiser for the Special Kids Fund. MagicMobility Founder Danny Goodman, an Orthodox Rabbi with a special needs son of his own, noticed occasional donations of wheelchair-accessible vans. The typical course for fundraising was to send such donated vehicles to an auction center, where they might bring in donations ranging from $500 to $2,000.

Image from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

One of the things Daniel knew was that the cost of a used wheelchair-accessible van could range between $25,000 and $45,000. That is out of the price range for many families with special needs members. Sending these vans to an auction where they would net less than ten percent of their value and possibly not be used for the disabled, seemed a waste. The original idea was to hold onto these special vans, find local New Jersey families needing them, and give it to them.

When they noticed there was no program of this type nationally, they expanded the program. MagicMobility Vans now fills this need. Since its humble beginning, MagicMobility has grown into a nationwide program. When vans are received, steps are taken to ensure safety and durability, sometimes requiring costs to refurbish vehicles. The van is then paired with a recipient in need.

MagicMobility Vans Give Families The Gift Of Mobility

We recently discussed how MagicMobility Vans helped the family of Muataz Azooz, a double amputee who was injured in a terrorist attack in Iraq while assisting the US Embassy. The van he received has been instrumental in helping him and his disabled daughter get to medical appointments and perform simple household errands. During an exclusive interview with InspireMore, Muataz said receiving the van was a “life-changer” for his whole family!

Double amputee Muataz Azooz using a wheelchair accessible van donated through MagicMobility Vans.
Images from MagicMobility Vans by Special Kids Fund.

Eric and his family are another example of van recipients. Doug in southern California had a van to donate, which could give Eric the gift of mobility. MagicMobility coordinated the interaction between Doug and Eric to make this donation happen.

Eric and his family posing in front of the van they received through MagicMobility Vans.
Image from Instagram.

When he donated his wife’s used van, Doug said, “Thanks again for all of your help. It was great to be able to give Sue’s van to someone who really can use it.” Doug met Eric and his family and even took photos of the happy meeting!

Doug (on the left) donated a van that was re-donated to Eric (on the right) and his family, offering them the gift of mobility.
Image from Instagram.

The Woody family (wife Kristina and daughter Natalie) also received the gift of mobility from MagicMobility Vans. The husband has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Adaptive Vans worked on the van for some refurbishing during this process. The van allows the family to travel to medical appointments safely and efficiently. Kristina no longer has to risk straining her back while helping her husband in and out of a non-accessible vehicle.

The Woody family in front of their new van from MagicMobility Vans that offers them the gift of mobility.
Image from Instagram.

How The Donation Process Works

If you have a van to donate, MagicMobility will arrange picking it up at your residence. Coordinated by MagicMobility Vans, just notify them that you have a wheelchair-accessible wheelchair van to donate.You can even receive a tax-deductible donation for the FULL value of the van.

MagicMobility Vans connects with near-by families who have a need, so your van may even help a family in your community! It couldn’t be easier to help a needy family with your generous donation of the gift of mobility.

Daniel, his wife Judy, a school nurse, and a staff of others work together to make this program successful. Please visit their website to learn more about how you can make a difference! The only way this program keeps going is through your generosity. Offer the gift of mobility to a family in need by donating an accessible van or much-needed funding to help with refurbishment efforts. 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

**We couldn’t do all the good that we’re doing without incredible partners like MagicMobility Vans. We hope you’ll join us in supporting them!

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