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NYPD Cop Stops Traffic With Spontaneous Backstreet Boys Squad Car Solo.

nypd bsb

When you think about what music police officers listen to while on patrol, the Backstreet Boys might not instantly jump to mind. Yet, that’s exactly what was blaring out of a police car in downtown Manhattan recently, and area residents were all for it!

Richard Gunther, a United States Navy veteran and police officer for the New York Police Department, was out on patrol with his partner when his muse must have begun whispering in his ear. We’re not sure what inspired Richard to start serenading the passersby on the busy New York sidewalk, but the sound proved to be music to their ears.


Using the patrol car’s loudspeaker, Richard started singing along to, of all things, “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. It was a busy Saturday afternoon, and the excited onlookers can be seen whipping out there cell phones to take video and exclaiming over the unexpected musical performance in the background.


Everyone loved seeing one of New York’s finest having a little bit of fun during what was almost certainly a challenging workday, and the fact that he was singing a boy band song just added to the good humor. You can even see Richard’s partner in the passenger seat, trying hard not to laugh his head off!

At the end of the song, Richard cheerfully thanked the applauding audience that had gathered on the sidewalk, wished them a good day, and drove off to continue fighting crime in the Big Apple.


“This is so going viral,” one woman can be heard saying as Richard croons into the mic. And boy, was she ever right!

After the video was shared on Twitter it went viral, and soon none other than Backstreet Boy Nick Carter had seen it. Naturally, Nick loved it and couldn’t wait to tweet about it.

Richard was thrilled that Nick shared the video, writing on his own Twitter page:

When [Nick Carter]Β shares the video of you singing in your patrol car. Haha I cant believe we are going viral. Nothing is better than bringing people together within the community, as well as all over the world! I love doing things to build relationships with the community.

Take a look at NYPD’s newest viral sensation in the video below, and be sure to share!

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