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Nonverbal Teen Utters Rare Word Upon Seeing Art — The Artist’s Response Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

A nonverbal teen receives a beautiful gift from an artist.

During a trip to the museum, a nonverbal teen was so touched by a piece of art that he actually spoke! Odin Frost absolutely loved the butterfly exhibit, but his favorite installment had to be the unique flipbook machine created by J. C. Fontanive. According to Odin’s mom on Instagram, he was delighted by the hand-painted butterfly images that came to life within the device. As he watched the flipbook in action, he actually said the word “butterfly” for the first time.

Odin Frost’s mom captured the magical moment on camera and shared it on social media. She was so amazed at the impact this artwork had on her son. However, the nonverbal teen’s mother wasn’t the only one moved by his reaction. When J. C. Fontanive found out how much his butterfly flipbook meant to the nonverbal teen, he reached out to the Frost family asking if he could send them a gift.

A package soon arrived at their home, and they were astounded by what they found inside. The artist had sent them the very flipbook that Odin had fallen in love with!


We love you Odin!!! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 @allthingsfrost

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“We were shocked and moved to tears,” wrote the young man’s family on Instagram. “That night we just all laid in bed watching and snuggling together. Now it sits at the front of our house and is the first thing people see when you walk in.”

A nonverbal teen receives a beautiful gift from an artist.
Screengrab from Instagram

Odin Frost has been through a lot in his young life. In fact, when he was born, doctors predicted he wouldn’t make it past childhood! His butterfly flipbook is not only a treasured gift, but a beautiful symbol of how he’s transformed over the years.

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