Mother Of Fallen Marine Veteran Breaks Down While Being Honored With Flag And Song.

A marine speaks with the mother of a fallen officer.

One marine took it upon himself to visit the mother of his fallen comrade-in-arms, and his words to the grieving woman were truly beautiful. This officer really wanted her to know how much good her son had done in the line of duty and how much he’d meant to everyone. He also wanted to tell her that she had done an amazing job bringing up such an incredible human being. A video of the heartwarming enounter shows the mom tearing up during his sweet speech.

As he continued, the officer explained part of the reason for his visit. He didn’t believe that the mother of the fallen marine had received enough recognition during her son’s funeral. It had upset him that no one thought to honor the woman who had brought up the deceased hero.

“We can’t forget our mothers,” he said. “Our unsung heroes of our country.”

To further show the woman his appreciation, he brought her an American flag. Not just any American flag, mind you, but one that had been flown over the United States Capitol in her son’s honor. Then, he played a special song for the fallen marine’s mother. It was “Carolina in My Mind” by James Taylor. He told her to “think of it coming from your son.” She wept as she listened to the beautiful lyrics, remembering her boy.

A marine speaks with the mother of a fallen officer.
Screengrab from Facebook

The officer left her with a warm hug and a promise: that he would always be there to support the late marine’s young son should he need it. It’s truly moving to see the respect and kindness with which this officer treated the fallen marine’s mother. We know she’ll treasure this moment as she treasures her son’s flag.

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