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Little Girl Texts Phone Company Asking For More Data & Their Response Is Brilliant.

girl asks o2 for more data

When we’re young, we’re taught that we can get most things that we want if we just use our manners and say, “please.” One little girl in Wigan, England, tried that tactic with her internet service provider, and they responded in the sweetest possible way.

Macie Bullen-Jones is eight years old, and like many kids, she’s obsessed with watching and making YouTube videos. After Macie received a new cell phone for Christmas, she spent all her free time streaming videos, only to get the dreaded automated text message from the phone company, O2, letting her know that she’d hit her data limit for the month. Been there, done that, Macie!


So Macie did what she thought was the polite thing to do; she kindly texted the company back to ask, pretty please, for more data.


Although the message did not go through, Macie’s mom Claire saw her sweet text message and uploaded it to her Facebook page. With her friends’ encouragement, Claire decided to send it along to its intended recipient, the good people at O2.

Claire thought she might be able to finagle Macie into doing some more chores around the house in exchange for more data.


Instead of ignoring Claire’s request as many big companies might have done, O2 responded. They told Claire and Macie to keep an eye on their mail for a package. True to their word, a few days later, it arrived!


The box included a typed response to Macie’s request for more data, along with some other goodies.


“We got your text, but since you’re so famous now we wanted to write you a letter.

We’re not able to up your data allowance at the moment, our systems say you haven’t helped mum enough with jobs around the house. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until we see better reports.

Don’t be too sad though, we’ve sent a fidget spinner to keep you amused along with some other little #O2Surprises. We hope you like them!”


Macie and her mom were thrilled with the company’s kind response. “They went above and beyond and sent her a box of goodies along with a letter. The letter was fantastic and really made her day,” Claire said.

See? It turns out, good things still happen when you say please! Share this story with anyone who has ever experienced the dreaded “no more data” message.

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