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No Fear Here: Deaf Dog Dazzled By Fireworks Shooting Into The Sky

Images show a deaf dog watching fireworks and staring up at the bright flashes in the sky.

Many holidays in America mean fireworks will light our skies. That is especially true on the 4th of July. Fireworks remind us of the Revolutionary War and “bombs bursting in air” from our national anthem. If you have animals, you may hate fireworks. However, for Mariner, a deaf dog, fireworks are like “sky candy.”


Since Mariner is completely deaf he absolutely loves fireworks. Sometimes i imagine elevator music playing through his head when he experiences something extraordinary lol #australiancattledog #deafdog #dogandfireworks #mydoglovesfireworks #deaf #acd

♬ A Summer Place – Hollywood Strings Orchestra

Since he can’t hear the cracking and booming of the loud fireworks, Mariner is not bothered by them at all. He does enjoy the bright flashes and seems ready to chase after the dancing blasts. His tail wags a mile a minute as he pulls on his leash, trying to catch the sky candy.

Images show a deaf dog watching fireworks.
Image from TikTok.

The deaf dog is almost mesmerized by the fireworks, staring at the sky as round after round explodes in many colors. Mariner is a blue heeler, also known as an Australian cattle dog. He has an Instagram where his mom, Chilidog Dara, shares many of his antics. At 8 years old, he doesn’t seem impaired by his inability to hear.

He leads an active life with lots of outdoor activities. Mariner has seen waterfalls, enjoys hikes in the woods, playing in the snow, and he’s been to Halloweentown. He thought the cab driver, Benny, was a bone and licked him, but at least he didn’t try to run off and bury him! Christmas may be his favorite holiday, as he poses in front of his huge pile of gifts from Santa.

Deaf dog Mariner enjoys Christmas.
Image from Instagram.

According to his profile information, Mariner may like the beach more than fireworks and Christmas. He loves playing shark, surfing, and pretending to be an alligator.

Deaf dog loves water and pretends to be an alligator.
Image from Instagram.

Today, I learned deaf dogs can like fireworks. Who knew? Please share with friends.

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