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Golden Retriever Instantly Regrets Ripping His Favorite Toy, “Asks” For Help Saving Its Life

Left image shows a dog sadly holding the severed arm of his favorite stuffed toy. Right image shows the Mom holding up the battered monkey missing one arm.

Elton is a golden retriever boy who has a special toy stuffy. Recently, he tore the arm off his stuffed monkey while playing a little too rough. What happened next is enough to break anyone’s heart. He carried his little friend’s arm to his mommy with a sad look that spoke louder than any words.

As responsible pet parents, they took the stuffy away from poor Elton, making him even more sad. But this story does not have a sad ending. Elton didn’t know it, but his monkey friend was rushed to the stuffed animal hospital for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, mourning the loss of his buddy, Elton moped around the house, sad and maybe a little grumbly.


Replying to @user6993868061043 Update! Mr Monkey and Elton should be reunited tomorrow! His little cries are breaking my heart 😭😭😭#goldenretriever #wedontdeservedogs #goldenretrieverlife #teddy #stuffedanimals #dogtok #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Elton The Golden Retriever

It took a few days, but Daddy soon returned from the hospital with Mr. Monkey. The golden retriever did not take long to realize his favorite toy was back home. He came rushing down the steps, literally springing with happiness. Daddy was a little mean and held Mr. Monkey just out of reach. Elton resorted to trying every trick in his repertoire to coax his dad to return Mr. Monkey.


Replying to @Aria Sienna Miro REUNITED! Elton has his Mr Monkey back and he couldn’t be happier 😭…those little happy jumps got me 🥹 #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife #goldenretrieverpuppy #dogsoftiktok #dogdad #teddy #stuffedanimals #reunited #youandme

♬ Belong Together – Mark Ambor

Elton sat up and begged. He offered high fives. Finally, unable to control his excitement, he began jumping up and down. He was trying to reach the bag that held his friend captive. Finally relenting, Dad held the bag out so Elton could rescue Mr. Monkey.

Elton rescuing Mr. Monkey after his return from the stuffed animal hospital where his arm was sewn back on.
Image from TikTok.

Elton was so happy to have Mr. Monkey back in his life. He spent the entire day cuddling Mr. Monkey and playing gently with his friend. The golden retriever carried his toy around the rest of the day, not letting the little stuffy out of his sight.

Elton, the golden retriever, cuddling with his favorite toy.
Image from TikTok.

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