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Teacher Who Broke Neck In Front Of Students Inspires Them With “Miracle” Recovery.

Skip Redd is living proof: miracles happen.

In an instant, the music teacher’s life changed for what he thought would be forever. It was April 2017 and he had taken just 106 students to a trampoline park to celebrate the end of the school year. There, he suffered a devastating injury that would take away one of his greatest passions: playing the piano.

skip breaks his neck

Skip’s students watched, horrified as their teacher attempted a back flip on a trampoline and landed on his head. He was rushed via helicopter to Methodist Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, where he learned he’d broke his neck in two places. He survived a nine-hour emergency surgery, but doctors didn’t have good news.

skip in hospital after injury

“When I woke up, I couldn’t move anything,” Skip said. “I was paralyzed from the chest down.” He was told he’d probably spend the rest of his life as a quadriplegic. But he refused to accept that fate. After being moved from intensive care to a rehabilitation center in Houston, he put everything into his recovery, focusing on his goal of getting back into the classroom.

skip after surgery

And slowly, after months of therapy, he started regaining the ability to move, though he feared he’d never play the piano again. Still, he never gave up on himself. “I realized at the time that I needed to take one day at a time,” he recalled. “Sometimes it was only 15 minutes or an hour at a time, or even one step at a time.”

skip's recovery

Eventually, Skip reached an incredible milestone. He could walk and move his arms again! After coming to terms with the fact that his life may never be the same as it was, he defied the odds and finally returned to school in August 2018. His students, of course, were beyond thrilled to have their beloved teacher back.

students welcome skip back

What’s even more amazing is that with practiced effort, Skip is back to playing the piano daily! He still has some trouble with his fingers, but he’s just grateful to be using them at all.

skip plays piano again

Skip says without the support of his family, students, the doctors at Methodist Medical Center, and Texas Mutual Insurance, he wouldn’t be where he is today. But to his students, he’s the inspiration. They’re constantly moved by everything he’s overcome, and his presence is what motivates them to work harder every day.

back in the classroom

Anyone doubting themselves need look no further than this strong, determined individual. Enjoy the rest of your life the way you envision it, Skip. You’ve certainly proved you can and will!

Learn more about Skip’s remarkable journey to recovery in the video below, and share to remind others to never give up.

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