Monolith Appears Out Of Nowhere On Hill In Wales… And No One’s Claiming It

A stainless steel monolith appeared on a remote bluff in Wales.

Most of us remember 2020 for the mysterious silver monoliths that appeared out of thin air. They vanished a few days later, but a new monolith recently appeared in Wales. The 10-foot tall stainless steel structure was planted firmly into the ground. The hollow beam has a triangular-shaped body. No marks are on the surface, and no one claims ownership or responsibility. Craig Muir posted a video of the monolith in Wales.

The strange steel towers appeared and disappeared in several states across the US and several countries worldwide. When the first batch began appearing in 2020, an art collective known as The Most Famous Artist took credit for installing and removing the monoliths. There is no proof of the collective’s involvement, but they sold replicas for $45,000. On Instagram, the group called the art “an official alien monolith.” No one has claimed responsibility for the Wales structure yet.

A strange stainless steel monolith spotted in Wales on a remote hillside.
Image from YouTube.

Richard Haynes reported the monolith in Wales. He saw it while running near Hay-on-Wye on Hay Bluff. At first, Richard thought it was there to collect rainwater. When he tapped it, he realized it was hollow but too tall for collecting rainwater. He described the object as “about 10 feet tall at least and triangular, definitely stainless steel.” Because it is hollow, he felt it was light enough for two people to carry up the hillside.

Will The Wales Monolith Be The Only One?

We may never know if the steel monolith in Wales is another prank or if aliens delivered it. We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for information. Someone may claim responsibility. If this installation follows the same pattern as the 2020 sightings, the monolith in Wales will vanish in a few days as mysteriously as it appeared. Like the origin of many crop circles, we may never know the answers.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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