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“I Pranked My Mom Into Thinking We Were Being Invaded By Aliens.”

A mom is completely shocked by her son's prank.

An Instagram user played a hilarious alien invasion prank on his mom, and we can’t stop laughing! Dylan Armenteros and his mother were watching television together when a frightening alert appeared on the screen. The message declared a national emergency due to an alarming number of UFOs spotted in various locations around the United States. However, the funniest part of the mom’s reaction wasn’t that she believed the alert. She actually seemed excited about the alien invasion!

Immediately, Dylan’s mother called her brother to let him know about the message. She was confused when he wasn’t able to find the same message on his television. Finally, the prankster revealed that he’d been using an alien invasion simulation video from the internet. His mom sounded disappointed that there weren’t actually any UFOs in the sky! At the end of the clip, which Dylan posted on Instagram, you’ll notice that the woman’s phone case is alien-themed.

A mom is completely shocked by her son's prank.
Screengrab from Instagram

“Why is she so ready to pop champagne about being INVADED,” one commenter joked.

Before watching the alien prank in the video below, please be aware that there is a fair amount of (understandable) NSFW language. Also, it’s important to note that there are rules against playing the Emergency Alert System sound for fun. You’ll want to avoid watching this footage out loud in a public place!

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