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Moms Share Vintage Pics Of “Safe” Car Seats When They Were Kids vs. Now

Babies in car seats then vs now.

As far as safe car seats were concerned, the 1990s may as well have been the Wild West. Parents used to strap their newborns into all kinds of questionable contraptions without a second thought. If you need proof, modern moms have started a hilarious trend on TikTok. They’re comparing the car seats they bought for their children vs the vintage pics of the car seats they grew up with. Once you see the difference, you’ll be shocked the kids of the 90s made it out of the decade in one piece!

Ready to see the “safe” car seats of a bygone era? We’re definitely not feeling any nostalgia for these baby accessories!

1. A modern baby in a car seat equipped for maximum safety.

A parent carrying their baby in a car seat.
Screengrab from TikTok

Here’s a baby who’s getting home safely! His parents have made sure that he’s properly strapped in to his car seat.

2. A 90s baby whose safety is questionable at best.

A vintage pic of a baby in an unsafe-looking car seat.
Screengrab from TikTok

This child is somehow both way too restrained and not secure enough at the same time. How did their parents manage to tie them up like that in the first place?

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