“I Can’t Unsee It Now:” Dad Hilariously Recounts His 5-Year-Old’s Emotional Plea for “People Chicken”

People chicken

As most parents know, kids don’t always know how to properly communicate their needs. Sometimes that leads to tears, and sometimes it leads to laughter. For one father, trying to figure out what “people chicken” was led to internet stardom.

Dillon Michael White recounted a story about the mysterious food on his TikTok page called Dad Chats. As he shared, he and his wife, Suzanne, were too tired to cook one night, so they decided to order out. When he got home, he found his family “in complete emotional chaos.” Why? because his son, Mason, requested “people chicken” for dinner, and no one knew what that was.


I cant unsee it now 👨‍🦰🐓

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“Mason just starts shaking, and is like, ‘I WANT PEOPLE CHICKEN!’” Dillon said. “It’s one of those moments as parents where you’re like, ‘Ha ha ha okay, here we go folks, let’s strap in. What’s people chicken? I’m all ears'”

Unfortunately, Mason didn’t know any way to explain the food other than by calling it “people chicken. So Dillon was getting nowhere.

“Buddy, I don’t think that’s a thing,” Dillon joked. “Between you and I, I don’t think that would get FDA approval. Chicken made from people? ‘Cause that can’t be what we’re talking about here.”

That made Mason think of another clue. The chicken wasn’t made out of people—but it looked like people. So Dillon grabbed a pen and paper and asked Mason to draw the food.

Mason drew a stick figure, and that made Dillon even more confused.

Stick figure chicken

“I go, ‘Buddy, that looks like a stick figure.’ And goes, ‘Yeah! Stick figure chicken!’ This goes on, no joke, for about 17 minutes, give or take 31 seconds,” he continued.

Little Boy’s Sister Hatched a Genius Idea and Saved the Day

Dillon was ready to call it a night and prepare his son for the very real possibility that they wouldn’t be able to eat “people chicken” for dinner when his seven-year-old daughter, who he called “The Mason translater” had an idea “from the other room.”

“She comes in the living room and is like, ‘Dad, I have an idea.’ And any time she has an idea, I will always listen because she’s smarter than me and because she is better at troubleshooting than The Geek Squad,” Dillon shared.

Dillon’s daughter suggested he look it up on his phone. But Dillon didn’t want to.

“Well, I could, but if I search “people chicken,” I might end up on a list somewhere,” he laughed.

His daughter calmly explained that he could “pull up pictures of all the chicken places in the area” and see if those offer any clues. The idea worked.

“It takes no more than 21 seconds … for us to figure out exactly what ‘people chicken’ slash ‘stick figure chicken’ is,” he said.

It was KFC.

People chicken KFC

“I don’t know why in all the years I’ve been living, I never thought of the fact that this man might be wearing a bow tie and scarf or alternative viewpoint, might actually be a very large head on a stick figure body,” he added.

The dad laughed and suggested that KFC use his son’s term as its new marketing slogan.

As of late March, 23 million people had watched the video and gone on the hilarious parenting journey with Dillon.

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