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14 Nostalgic Commercials That Take Us Right Back To The 90s

still from 90s commercial for Sunny Delight. Teen reaches inside fridge and chooses Sunny D.

There are certain television jingles that bring us straight back to the 1990s.

Who else remembers, “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight” or “You’re Gonna Love It In An Instant?” If you’re over the age of *mumble-mumble-five,* the chances are excellent that you grew up watching these iconic television commercials wedged in between shows like “Friends” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Take an instant trip down Memory Lane with the short videos below!

1. Ragu’s “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight” had us all flapping our arms and craving that sweet, sweet chicken marsala.

2. The cold war was finally over, so Nestle celebrated with this ad featuring a surprisingly friendly Soviet submarine encounter. Is there anything a Crunch bar can’t do?

3. This Sunny Delight ad features mom thoughtfully stocking the fridge with both “the healthy option” and “the purple stuff.” Guess which one her sweaty son and his friends choose?

4. This Carnation Instant Breakfast is worth watching just for the throwback computers and hairstyles!

5. We’re not going to lie… this 1995 Duracell ad featuring “The Puttermans” kind of freaked us out. (Still does!)

6. Pringles has been promising “Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop” since 1997.

7. In 1995, the good people at Bagel Bites gave us one of the best commercial jingles of all time: “Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the Evening.”

8. These Grey Poupon ads started in the 1980s, but they aired throughout the next decade and are too iconic not to include.

9. Welcome to Timmy’s Tummy, where the “Eat Me” Guy rules supreme. Side note: how weird was this ad?

10. Gilbert Gottfried was having a big year in 1992! Here he is taking a stroll inside a Baby Ruth candy bar.

11. Who doesn’t like racing mountain bikes and chewing some Juicy Fruit gum?

12. Betty Crocker gave us nightmares with this bizarre Gushers ad, but that didn’t stop us from buying them!

13. Hostess Cupcakes made us afraid to go into the water with this “Where’s the Cream Filling” ad in 1997.

14. Finally, the original “Got milk?” commercial is so much more clever than we remember!

They just don’t make commercials like they used to! We’ve got a sudden urge to straighten our hair and pull out that plaid “Clueless” suit that’s still lurking in our closet. Actually, on second thought… nah!

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