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“Mommy Hot!” Toddler Warns Mom When She Accidentally Catches Fire.

mom on fire

One mom learned the hard way that her toddler is well-versed in fire safety.

Mom influencer Brittany Stuht caught a scary incident on her home camera recently. As she was tidying up her living room, she bent over to put something away, and a candle lit her hair ablaze!

When it first happened, Brittany was completely unaware. Despite the fact that the flames were significant, and smoke was billowing out of her top knot, a few seconds passed before she realized the situation. If it weren’t for her toddler, the mom could have lost all her hair after it caught on fire.

The little boy immediately noticed the flames, and he called out “Mommy hot!” which made Brittany pause. She put her hands on her head, felt the heat, and took off running into another room. She wasn’t gone long before diffusing the emergency.

When Brittany returned, she was much calmer than most of us would have been. But she was done with the candle. The first thing she did was blow out the flame. Then, she went back to cleaning, which is something all moms understand—even if they catch on fire, there is still work to be done.

Watch the whole situation unfold above.

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