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Heroic Deputy Swoops In To Rescue Terrified 3-Yr-Old From Burning Home.

red light surrounding fire truck on neighborhood street

While most people run away from burning homes, it is a first responder’s job to run toward them. Bodycam footage from a deputy in Florida is proving just how heroic that can be.

When Deputy First Class Marcus Dawson was the first one to arrive at the scene of a house fire in Palm Coast, Florida, he immediately began making sure everyone was safe.

After asking a neighbor how many people lived in the house and if he thought anyone was home, Marcus approached the scene and began repeatedly pounding on the door, announcing that he was from the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, the smoke alarm in the house blared.

Marcus circled to the back of the house, where he immediately heard the family dogs barking from inside. He entered the enclosed porch and pounded on the glass door. When no one responded, he entered the building and walked into a curtain of smoke just a room away from the raging fire.

Then, he saw movement in the master bedroom. A terrified 3-year-old boy had burrowed under a blanket on the bed to hide from the flames.

“Hi buddy!” Marcus calmly greeted the child. “Where’s your mommy?”

The child could only respond, “I want my mommy!”

Marcus scooped the boy up and carried him outside the house before delivering him safely to the firefighters. The bodycam footage shows the little boy’s chubby toddler arm bouncing up and down as he holds on tight to Marcus.

“Without DFC Dawson immediately running toward danger, even without a safety respirator, this could have been a much different outcome,” Sheriff Rick Staley said. “This was a dangerous situation and we are very proud of DFC Dawson’s bravery and commitment to serving this community and saving a life.”

Thankfully, no one was harmed in the fire, but we shudder to think what might have happened if the deputy hadn’t arrived when he did.

Watch the dramatic rescue in the video below, and share this story to celebrate Marcus’ bravery.

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