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The Pregnancy Struggle Is Real: Hilarious Memes Tell It Like It Is.

Pregnancy: a rollercoaster of emotions, cravings, and, let’s face it, countless hilarious moments that only fellow moms-to-be can truly understand. From the endless trips to the bathroom to the unpredictable mood swings, this journey is as wild as it gets. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with a dose of humor to lighten the load. Here’s a rundown of the most amusingly relatable pregnancy memes that’ll have you nodding and laughing in agreement.

1. Am I Constantly Tired? Yes

Am I constantly tired? Yes
But am I staying awake when
I should be sleeping?
Also, yes.

But when it’s finally bedtime, why does my brain suddenly become a night owl? The great paradox of pregnancy sleep!

2. Silent but Deadly Baby

baby sleeping through vacuum, car horn, phone ringing but waking up when mom closes her eyes

The baby sleeps through chaos but wakes up the second you relax. Parenthood’s sneak peek!

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