Mom Shares Wild Clip Of 3-Yr-Old Daughter Holding Her “Little” Brother

A little girl holds her baby brother, who is giant for his age.

At eight months, this giant baby was actually about as big as his three-year-old sister! TikToker Ciera Hudson shared the most hilarious footage of her daughter trying to hold the younger boy on her lap. She was just barely able to keep her arms around him as he wriggled in his seat! Mom’s video of this hilarious moment has been going viral online.

“He’s as big as you,” says a voice in the background as the little girl attempts to hold her giant baby brother. “He’s bigger than you!”

Commenters thought the footage of the two siblings was just too funny.

“What did you give him,” joked one user.

Other people shared their own experiences with seeing very young children quickly outgrow their older siblings. Apparently, this giant baby boy towering over his big sister isn’t such an unusual phenomenon!

A little girl holds her baby brother, who is giant for his age.
Screengrab from TikTok

“My 2 yr old is almost as tall as my 4 yr old and wears double her size clothes,” a commenter wrote.

“This is exactly what me and my little brother were like, we’re almost 3 years apart,” another added.

One thing’s for sure: this giant baby boy and his tiny older sister are just the cutest!

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