Joyous Moment: Little Girl Officially Becomes A Big Sister In Precious Clip

A little girl becomes a big sister and gets to hold the baby while sitting on mom's lap.

After months of waiting, one tiny girl finally became a big sister! When she got to meet her little sister for the very first time, her family caught the adorable encounter on video. With Mom’s help, she even held the baby in her arms — that is, until she got bored! For a few seconds, though, the two siblings bonded in the sweetest way.

In the heart-melting TikTok video, Mom holds her older daughter in her lap while Dad places the new baby in the girl’s arms. According to the clip, this child couldn’t wait to become a big sister, so she’d been practicing her technique. Now that she was finally meeting her little sister, the moment couldn’t have been more magical.

Of course, small children have short attention spans, even when they’re excited about becoming a big sister. It wasn’t long before the older sibling decided she was finished meeting her little sister. Suddenly, she said, “All done,” and tried to shove the baby off her lap! Thankfully, though, Mom hadn’t let go of her younger daughter. She quickly took the infant back into her own arms.

Commenters thought the interaction between the two siblings was too adorable!

“The ‘all done’ is so cute, she has good communication skills!” wrote one user.

“She almost yeeted her new baby sister,” joked another.

A little girl becomes a big sister and gets to hold the baby while sitting on mom's lap.
Screengrab from TikTok

We’re sure this mom will always treasure the moment she saw her older daughter become a big sister. She’ll also probably laugh about how the child lost interest just moments after meeting her little sister for years to come!

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