“Laying My Head On My Baby’s Lap To See How She Responds”

laying head on baby's lap

A mom wanted to see how her baby would react if she did a role reversal and placed her head on her little girl’s lap, and what happened is precious. 

In a Ticktok video, a new mom, Eli, sat with her daughter and then simply laid down naturally. The baby, who looks to be about six months old, was pleasantly surprised by the act. 

“Laying my head on my baby’s lap to see how she reacts,” Eli captioned. 

The sweet baby smiled and looked down at her mom with pure love in her eyes. Then, she placed her tiny hands on Eli’s face and started giving her kisses. 

“Babies give what they receive. Loved baby, loved mama,” a follower commented. 

“She knows how much she is loved and gave it right back,” wrote another. 

After a few moments, the baby was over her mom laying her head on her lap, so she giggled and pushed her off. 

“Okay, that’s enough,” Eli joked in the caption. 

Nearly 400K people loved the video, and dozens of them tried the move on their own babies. The results varied. 

When one “boy mom” tried laying her head on her baby’s lap, her son “giggled” and pulled her hair. Another mom said her baby slapped her in the face and another baby played mom’s cheeks “like a set of drums.” 

“This was so sweet,” shared another parent. “My daughter attacked me and felt so happy to do it 🤣🤣🤣.”

You can find the source of the story’s featured image here.

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