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Mom Is “Grossed Out” By Mishap, But Her Baby’s Laughter Fixes Everything

Baby laughter

When an adorable baby “puked” in his mom’s shoe, the mom understandably felt a little queasy. But Her son’s reaction made the gross moment totally worth it.

Being a parent is a wonderful experience, but it’s far from glamorous. And a TikTok post originally shared by shandel604 proved that in the best way. In it, an adorable little guy spit up in his mom’s shoe, and when she called him out for it, he broke out in hysterical giggles.

“Dude, you puked in my shoe!” she said when she looked down and realized what happened.

The baby immediately started losing control and almost fell over in laughter. He tried crawling away, but he was cracking up too hard to get anywhere. So he sat back up, looked at his mom, and got lost in another fit of laughter that made his face turn bright red.

The Today Show reshared the video with a caption that read, “One minute, your baby pukes in your shoe. The next, his adorable belly laugh makes you almost forget to be totally grossed out by it.”

After millions of views, people in the comments are just as tickled by the mishap as the baby, and they can’t get enough of his “contagious laugh.”

“Cut him off,” someone joked. “He’s had one bottle too many. lol”

“I saved this to my favorites.. whenever I’m having a bad day… I am going to watch this!! Can’t help but to smile,” another person admitted.

“Magical sound! Melts away everything, if even just for a minute!” a commenter wrote.

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