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Tiny Baby Goes Into Infectious Giggle Fit When Dad Tries To Teach Her New Word.

baby nowah and dad laughing

Here’s a fun challenge: Try not to laugh when a baby starts giggling. You can’t!

It’s impossible to resist joining in whenever you hear a baby laughing… although it can be hard to keep up with them because those giggles can really come out of left field. A waggling finger? Watching Mom and Dad kiss? There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but what’s important is they’re happy, and you’re probably the reason why.

In the video below, little baby Nowah goes into a fit of giggles when her dad tries to give her a lesson in pronunciation. Specifically, how to say “Daddy”in Dutch (“Papaâ€).


“Mama”was no problem for her anymore, “papa”proved to be a bit more difficult. She was pronouncing it more like “baba,”so her dad started to emphasize the letter “p.”From that moment on, baby Nowah doubled up with laughter.


And, of course, it was contagious, even if Dad’s not really sure what she’s laughing about. Maybe the little flecks of spittle from the over-enunciated “p”were ticklish?


This adorable little father-daughter moment is brought to you by the aptly named YouTubers happybabynowah, who delight in sharing these sweet, everyday moments from their daughters’ lives.

This particular video was taken back in 2014, but if you want to see Nowah as a toddler getting some love from her new baby sister, you’ve gotta watch this.

Watch Nowah laugh her way through proper pronunciation below, and share to infect someone else with the giggles!

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