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Toddler Takes His First Steps—Then Celebrates With The Most Adorable Happy Dance!

Toddler Steps

A mother caught the exciting moment when her toddler took his very first steps, and the magical moment came together with a celebratory dance that we can’t stop watching!

Mom influencer Amanda, who runs the TikTok account amanduhlovesyouu, posted a clip of her son just as he realized he could take a step all on his own. The little boy was standing with the help of a sibling in his kitchen and the family was happily urging him to “go,” which he did. He took off and started walking all by himself.

But as he was doing so, the song Blinding Lights by The Weeknd. And the toddler couldn’t help but bust a move.

When the first notes hit, the boy stopped mid-step and smiled. Then he felt the music in his arms all the way down to his toes and started grooving to the beat as his family hysterically laughed in the background.

Then he used his new walking skills to head over to the oven where he held on to the handle so he could have more stability to keep on dancing. That made every laugh so hard that they started to cry.

“Learning how to walk can be tough sometimes,” Amanda captioned.

After more than 36 million views, people flooded the comments with joy and laughter over how he reacted to his “first taste of freedom.”

“Don’t know if he’s conquered walking, but he has dancing down,” someone joked.

“I can’t stop watching,” another person admitted. “I’m laughing as hard as y’all. That baby got moves!”

“Lmao you can’t tell him ‘you were dancing before you could walk,” another person laughed.

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