Mom Crafts Elaborate Scenes Around Napping Twins. Her Adorable Creations Will Take Your Breath Away!

We have shared stories before of moms who use their babies’ nap-times as opportunities for mini photo-shoots. There’s the pair of preemies who become bears and ramen noodles; and there is the cosplay baby whose Mom dresses her like everything from Beyonce to Pikachu. Now joining their ranks are Ichika and Taichi, twins whose mom uses them to create some of the most elaborate portraits of all!


Ichika and Taichi are 2-year-old twins and Mom Ayumi Omori’s favorite subjects for her instagram photos. We’re sure having a pair of toddlers keeps Ayumi busy, but– rather than taking Ichika and Taichi’s nap time as an opportunity to put her feet up– Ayumi has a side project that occupies her time while her kiddos sleep. She crafts elaborate scenes featuring her sleeping kids and shares them on instagram.

Mom is inspired by her kids’ “sleeping poses,” and she creates some truly breathtaking scenarios around them. Check out some of the best of her instagrams below!

1. Sister to the rescue!

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