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Mom Accidentally Catches Baby’s First Steps On Film & It’s Too Precious!

A baby in a diaper stands up in the backyard while his dad and sister play with a dog.

Most parents can’t wait to capture their baby’s first steps on camera, but one mom managed to film this moment completely by accident! Bryton Wardrop shared the most adorable video of her husband playing in the backyard with their older child and the family dog. While these three ran around, the baby was watching the fun from the patio. Then, suddenly, the tiny boy hoisted himself up onto his two feet and took a couple of steps forward!

“Babe, he’s walking!” Mom shouted to her husband from behind the camera.

Although the baby promptly stumbled back down into a sitting position after taking his first steps, his family was still extremely proud! His big sister came running over excitedly, and Dad wasn’t far behind. What incredible luck that Mom happened to be filming at that moment!


When you are casually videoing and catch your babys first steps 😭✨ #babysfirststeps

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“Took a video of my kids playing out back after my husband got home from work and my baby decided to take his first steps,” she wrote over the footage.

This baby took his first steps for the cutest reason!

One of the sweetest things about this video is that the baby seems to have taken his first steps because he wanted to play with the rest of his family in the yard. His father and sister were having such a great time, he just had to join in — even if he had to learn to walk in order to get there!

A baby in a diaper stands up in the backyard while his dad and sister play with a dog.
Screengrab from TikTok

“The power of FOMO,” one commenter joked.

“He wanted to be part of the action so badly he had to get up and go to them himself,” another said.

A third wrote, “He wanted to play so bad!”

As a parent, getting to see your baby take their first steps is an incredibly magical moment. We’re so glad that this mom happened to have the camera out when her son took his!

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