Freshman Filmed Himself For 1 Second Every Day. 264 Days Later, Amazed By What He Packed Into One Year!

What if you could look back on each day from an entire year of your life and remember where you were, what you did, and who you were with? Well, this college freshman has that awesome liberty.


An engineering student at Virginia Tech, Mike Genovese decided he’d record one second of literally every day from August 20, 2015 to May 10, 2016… his entire Freshman year!

He mashed it all together into one extraordinary compilation. Let me tell you, he’s all over the place!  This guy knows how to have fun.

Basketball games, exploring snowy forests, playing video games, attending sports games, and standing atop rocky mountains… Mike knows how to spend his time. And his adventurous spirit is an inspiration.

In a deeper sense, his video poses two questions, “How did I spend every day this last year?” And “Did I make the most of it?”

Ask yourself these questions. If the answer to the second is “No,” what better time to change that than right now?!

Share his awesome creation today… who knows what it could inspire someone else to do!

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