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Owner Confronts Guilty Dogs, But Watch When She Asks “Who Took The Cookie”… I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

We’ve all been guilty of tattle-taling at one point in our lives. But eventually we learn that time has a way of bringing things to light without our intervention.

Justice always prevails. It has to! But the pup in the video below wasn’t willing to take that risk of letting time work things out.

Here’s the setting: delicious warm cookies are waiting on the counter.  Hungry humans can’t wait to eat them.  The family is ecstatic to consume the ambrosial treats.  Who wouldn’t be?

But next thing you know, the cookies are gone!  The likely (and obvious) culprit?  The dogs.  Black labs have a hankering for cookies, or really any food that’s left out.  And they get confronted by mom.

Instead of sitting quietly when asked which of the two stole a cookie off the counter, Harley (the sibling on the left) decided to take matters into his own paws.

I really don’t want to spoil the hilarious result for you… but you need this video in your life.

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