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Teen With Autism Has Sweetest Reaction When Cheerleader Surprises Him With “Promposal.”

Every high school student deserves that magical prom night experience.

And one sweet cheerleader was determined to make it happen for her buddy. Mikal Bartosik of Lakeworth, Florida, has been friends with her autistic classmate, Jonathan Ramillo, since she was a sophomore.

mikal and cheeleading coach

During Mikal’s senior year, Jonathan starting dropping not-so-subtle hints regarding his feelings about prom. Mikal says, “Johathan approached me saying, ‘I want to go to prom, I want to go to prom!'”

She thought about it and decided it would be a great idea for the two to go together. Unfortunately, not all of her friends were supportive. They asked if that was really how she wanted to spend her senior prom. She brushed their negativity away, answering, “Yeah, that sounds awesome!”


So with her mind made up, Mikal ordered a cookie cake and presented it to Jonathan in class. She told him she had something to ask. Jonathan looked down at the cake and saw the question written in icing: “Will you go to prom with me?”


The teen knew this would delight her friend, but she never expected to elicit such a pure, joyous response. Jonathan jumped up and down, rooting, cheering, and screaming over the news he’d be going to prom. Obviously, his answer was yes.


Mikal said she’s not normally one to cry, but watching how much happiness her gesture brought Jonathan made her tear up. “It was so cute,” she added.


Cheerleading coach Jeanne Ladner couldn’t be more proud of Mikal’s example. “Students with special needs need to be looked at for their true personality, and not to be looked at for their disability,” she said. “I hope that she set the pace and more people will follow her [lead].”


As for the big night, we’re certain the two friends had a blast. After all, Mikal promised to give Jonathan the full experience, complete with corsages and boutonnières and they were both nominated for prom court!


Watch Jonathan’s adorable freak out in the video below, and share to spread the joy.

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