Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Shows How Much Plants Actually Move In 24 Hrs.

A time-lapse shows how plants move throughout the day.

Did you know that plants can move around? In fact, they’re actually a lot more active than you’d think! If you need proof, this time-lapse video shows how much potted plants move throughout the course of a single day. It’s truly mesmerizing to watch!


You’ll notice that the amount of light in the footage also changes over time. That’s actually part of what makes the plants move! According to PennState Extension, this natural phenomenon is called phototropism. In order to get the correct amount of light for their wellbeing, plants grow their cells faster on one side to “bend and direct” their stems toward the best spot.

Phototropism is a fairly slow process, which is why we don’t usually notice our plants moving. However, this time-lapse footage allows us to see that they’re anything but stationary. In fact, they’re always shifting their positions to get comfy!

A time-lapse shows how plants move throughout the day.
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PennState Extension also tells us that light isn’t the only motivating factor for plants to move around. For example, a nearby source of water can attract roots to grow in that direction. Some types of flora even respond to physical touch, such as the Venus flytrap.

Nature is truly spectacular when you take the time to observe it! If you loved watching this time-lapse video of plants moving, you’ll enjoy looking at these breathtaking flowers.

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