15 Flawlessly Symmetrical Plants That Prove Nature Is A Perfectionist

Of the hundreds of thousands of different types of plants, most of them are symmetrical in some way. But have you ever seen a perfectly symmetrical flower?

If you have, then you no doubt understand that there’s something magical about coming across a piece of nature that almost looks too perfect to be real. Luckily, you don’t have to see one in person to enjoy these seemingly rare beauties — we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to enjoy below!

1. "Perfect flower I came across while hiking."

a symmetrical gazania flower from a top-down view

2. These Japanese Camellias look like they're made of paper!

a bush of pink japanese camellias that are very symmetrical

3. "This absolutely perfect flower is right around the corner from my house."

symmetrical white flower in the asteraceae family from a top-down view

4. There's no need to edit a photo this beautiful!

unedited yellow and red flower that's perfectly symmetrical

5. This swirly dandelion looks like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book!

closeup of a dandelion with a stem that is twirled in a symmetrical way that is being held

6. There are so many vibrant colors in this mesmerizing Kalanchoe!

top-down view of a multi-colored kalanchoe succulent plant

7. "It's hard to tell where one plant ends and another begins. Crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora is a geometric wonder!"

closeup of a crassula capitella from a top-down view

8. What a hypnotizing Aloe Polyphylla!

top-down view of an aloe polyphylla that is symmetrical

9. "These Forget-Me-Not’s grew in a heart shape."

forget me not flower shaped like a heart

10. "Nature, this is some nice symmetry."

closeup of a swirling, symmetrical plant with water droplets

11. Thyrsiflora is the official name of this plant, but we prefer Nature's Staircase.

a symmetrical crassula capitella subsp. thyrsiflora in a planter box

12. Who knew branches could look so cool and scientific!?

a korokio tree with symmetrical branches

13. "A flower I found in Hawaii a few months ago."

close-up of a white and yellow frangipani flower that someone is holding

14. "My neighbor's tree has the perfect fall gradient."

a large tree in someone's front yard with a gradient from a deep orange at the top all the way to shades of green at the bottom

15. "Sunflowers are actually made up hundreds of smaller flowers in near perfect symmetry."

extreme closeup of a sunflower to where the small flowers that make up the overall flower are visible

Although plants don’t need to be symmetrical to be beautiful, the ones that do certainly have a way of catching our eye. It seems the reason why is because our brains enjoy finding patterns, especially in a world that can be pretty chaotic. But whatever the case, these photos are a great reminder to stop and smell the flowers, both literally and figuratively!

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