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Fork Full Of Ramen “Floats” Mid-Air After Cold Temperatures Freeze It In Seconds.

A bowl of ramen frozen solid on the porch.

It’s so cold in some places right now, even a bowl of ramen can become frozen solid in a matter of seconds! One TikToker known as Blonde Okie showed off the extreme temperatures outside his home by taking his lunch out to the porch. Setting it down on the snowy railing, he picked up a forkful and held it in mid-air. It wasn’t long before he could let go of the utensil, letting the frozen ramen hold it in place!

“Yup it’s cold out here,” the man joked in his caption.

This experiment has actually become quite a trend on TikTok, what with temperatures dipping below zero lately. In many of the other videos, it takes well over an hour for the forkful of ramen to freeze in mid-air. Of course, these users didn’t actually stand outside the entire time. Instead, they came up with other creative ways to hold the fork in place while they stayed warm indoors!


Our ramen noodle experiment in the cold today! The day started as -42C and we are rather bored so we made a frozen noodle art piece. Ignore my annoying repeat voice, its for science lol 🥶@Nolan LeRoux #ramen #ramennoodles #frozenramen #itchiban #ramenart #frozenart #scienceathome #polarvortex #alberta #canada_life🇨🇦

♬ original sound – LaneyRoux76

It’s unclear whether the ramen in Blonde Okie’s footage froze faster because they weren’t as hot to begin with, or because the temperatures outside were more extreme. He also never specified exactly how long it took for his noodles to freeze. Either way, this challenge looks like a lot of fun! Plus, it’s definitely safer to try at home than this one.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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