Meet “The Boss,” One Of The World’s Toughest Grizzly Bears.

Bear 122 standing in the middle of the road.

He’s the biggest, baddest bear in Banff National Park, and that’s why they call him “The Boss.” Weighing in at over 600 pounds, this enormous grizzly is not to be messed with. Just ask the other bear he killed and ate, or the train that couldn’t take him down! While these might sound like tall tales, they’re not. Witnesses can vouch for The Boss actually being that tough!


Free Range American tells us in perhaps slightly more colorful language than we would have chosen that this grizzly bear isn’t afraid of anything. He roams Banff National Park as he pleases and eats whatever looks good. Hence the incident in 2013, where people discovered The Boss dining on a black bear that he had likely killed. It wasn’t his first time, either.

“The Boss” is one bear who makes his own rules.

A massive grizzly bear known as "The Boss" walking in the snow.
Screengrab from YouTube

The Boss is officially known as Bear 122, but his affectionate nickname is far more descriptive. This behemoth of a grizzly truly rules the roost wherever he goes. When he ambled into a popular hiking location in Kootenay National Park, helicopters had to come to the rescue of nearby nature lovers!

More recently in 2023, this bear had the Town of Banff rethinking their residential gardens. It seems that the smell of fruit trees brought The Boss into the neighborhood, to the horror of many homeowners who encountered the bear! According to CBC, the town is even offering to replace fruit trees with less appetizing plant life for free.

Bear 122 standing in the middle of the road.
Screengrab from YouTube

As for the incident involving a train, Free Range American says that The Boss was being tracked at the time of the accident. That’s how we know he survived. However, it looks like his brush with death didn’t phase him — he regularly frequented the train tracks afterward! Even more impressive is that the entire reason researchers were tracking the grizzly in the first place was to figure out why so many bears were being killed by trains. It looks like what threatens other bears means nothing to The Boss!

What do you think would happen if The Boss came across tough gal and American grizzly bear legend Grandmother of Tetons? Perhaps a little romance might bloom!

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