Over-Enthusiastic K-9 Officer Hilariously “Helps” With Recruitment Video.

k9 officer on desk

This k-9 officer was invited to help with a police department recruitment video, and he couldn’t have been more excited to be involved. His excitement resulted in a bit of naughty (but adorable) behavior.


Once the clip started, you could see the pup behind the desk rearing with excitement. Quickly, this k-9 officer hopped up on the desk, sharing his glee about the recruitment video.

His boss looked astonished and amused at his hilarious behavior.


K-9 Jinx was such a good boy for wanting to help with the Warrick County Sheriff’s recruitment video! We appreciate his patience and cooperation 🤎🐾

♬ original sound – WCSO

Jinx the K-9 Officer is an incredibly good boy — despite some moderate evidence on the contrary. He’s just enthusiastic about growing the Sheriff’s office! It would be rude to scold him for his optimism.

Viewers of the clip adored watching Jinx’s sweet outburst.

“Nice to know that even the highest of trained Belgian malinois also get the ridiculous zoomies at any moment,” commented one fan who is presumably another Belgian malinois owner.

dog on desk for k-9 recruitment video
This image is from TikTok.

“He needs a paw print stamp for all the applications he approves,” suggested one viewer, wanting to reward his enthusiasm.

This k-9 officer wants to be active in the recruitment process, and we can’t fault him for that! What a cutie pie.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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