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Meet Kevin, The Tallest Dog In The World

Kevin, the tallest dog in the world playing tug-o-war with two kids.

Great Danes are large dogs. We’re all familiar with the lanky-framed animals from movies, cartoons, and comic strips. We usually portray this breed as gentle giants, which is accurate if you have ever personally known a Dane. Guinness World Records recently crowned a new title holder as the tallest dog in the world. Meet Kevin, the great Dane named after Kevin from the Home Alone movie franchise.

Kevin is three years old and lives with his family in West Des Moines, Iowa. Measuring for dogs is from “feet to his withers,” which is the top of the shoulder in human terms. Kevin is actually taller than the 3 feet 2 inches if you count his head! He is the same height as Tracy and Roger Wolfe’s children, Alexander and Ava. They live in a rural area, so Kevin has plenty of room to roam and play with smaller critters. Among his “family,” Kevin also has three dog siblings and four cats, and the family also has goats, chickens, and horses.

Image shows Kevin the great Dane, tallest dog in the world, walking with his owner and a miniature horse.
Image from YouTube.

The official award as the tallest dog in the world was announced on March 20, 2024. In an interview with GWR, Tracy said, “I don’t think he’s aware he is as big as he is. He’s continuously trying to squeeze into small beds and sit on top of us and do everything that the smaller dogs do.” Basically, Kevin thinks he is a lap dog, and you won’t convince him otherwise.

Like this great Dane with his tiny foster kittens, Kevin is gentle when playing with smaller animals. Alexander takes care of attending training classes with Kevin and practicing commands. Even though Kevin is many times larger, one thing does terrify him — the vacuum cleaner!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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