Great Dane Turns Into Sweetest, Gentlest Giant Around His Humans’ Foster Kittens.

Corbin the great dane

At first glance, Corbin can look rather intimidating.


The black Great Dane weighs 150 pounds and takes up most of the sofa when he’s lounging at home, yet he literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact, Corbin has been a foster brother to dozens of newborn kittens over the years, and he always becomes their sweetest, most gentle protector and friend.

1. Corbin’s family adopted him about 5 years ago when he was 8 months old and weighed “only” 110 pounds!

2. He loves other animals, but because of his size, his family wasn’t sure he’d be coordinated enough to be around tiny kittens. He quickly proved them wrong.

3. His human mom, Karen, says a lot of people think he’s scary because he’s so big, but Corbin is the very definition of gentle giant.

4. “Corbin is the most laid-back love bug. He is extremely relaxed and very friendly. He loves to be outside and go for walks,” said Karen.

5. “He also really enjoys other animals,” she continued. “He will play with any other dog and any cat that allows him to. He is also very interested in other animals like rabbits and squirrels. He doesn’t chase them. He just gets excited to see them.”

6. Corbin is over the moon whenever a new litter of foster kittens comes into the house.

7. “When we have new kittens he’ll run into the room and look for them. If he sees one that is standing still, he’ll nudge it with his nose.”

8. “If they are young, they usually don’t know enough to be scared of him and they will start to interact with him. Older kittens will often run away from him. If that happens, he knows enough to lie down and be patient.”

9. “He’s very patient, and before long they become curious about him and come to investigate. I’m always impressed with his restraint. He lies still and they will come and sniff his paws, or play with his tail. Before long they realize that he’s gentle and the friendship begins.â€

10. Corbin has befriended dozens of foster kitties over the years.

11. He can often be found cuddling and sleeping with the babies. They love to snuggle up against his warm belly.

12. “He is just a happy boy and wants to be around people and other animals. He loves to get love and give love.”

We are in LOVE with this gentle giant. No joke, Corbin is the sweetest foster brother ever!

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