This Precious Bond Between A Rescued Baby Elephant & Her Handler Will Bring You To Tears

Baby Elephant

A baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary in Thailand is proving just how special and precious the animals are.

The award-winning organization rescues elephants from captive environments like circuses and releases them into a protected, natural environment where they can thrive. But in many cases, the animals who go to the sanctuary suffer from physical and psychological trauma.

To help overcome those challenges, ENP has specialists on hand who work with the elephants to make them feel safe in their new homes or heal from their disabilities. Flo Rainer is one of those specialists.

A recent Instagram video highlighted the bond that Flo forged with a baby elephant named Kham Ming. Flo formed a deep connection and trust with Kham Ming when she first arrived at ENP. And the elephant now protects Flo whenever she can.

Baby Elephant Keeps Watch Over Her Human Friend

The clip shows Flo getting into a river to socialize with Kham Ming and a group of older elephants. Because the water is moving swiftly, the baby elephant grabs onto her human friend and holds him so he’s not swept away.

“These elephants love him and accept him as a family member, especially a little elephant named Kham Ming,” reads the caption. “She has just moved to the project for only three months. From [being] a traumatized baby after the Crush Box, Flo’s care and love helped to ease her suffering.”

“You can see in this video how much she has bonded with him,” it continues. “She refused to leave him and protects him in the river, and keeping Flo close to the herd to protect him.”

Baby elephant at the Elephant Nature Park Sanctuary holds handler's hand

Kham Ming uses her trunk to drag Flo to the middle of the herd. The two hug and she keeps watch of him and she cools herself in the water.

The friendship is truly heartwarming.

“People who work with animals will prevail through dedication and true care, not selfishness,” the post adds. “Have a firm heart to the work and strive to make a positive difference for animals.”

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