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Man’s Reaction To Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Even Sweeter Than The Reveal

A man and a woman stand next to a table with a blue gift bag on it. The man's eyes are wide open as he holds a wrapped gift in his hands. The woman smiles at him.

Figuring out how to share life-changing news with someone isn’t easy, but it’s safe to say that Lauren succeeded! She and her boyfriend, Peanut, have been together for a while now. And recently, she found out that she’s pregnant. Knowing how excited her boyfriend would be over this news, she especially wanted to make the pregnancy reveal special. This includes capturing the unforgettable moment on camera.

In the video, we see that Lauren is freaking out as she eagerly waits for Peanut to get home. It’s clear she can’t wait to tell him! In fact, she’s already crying when he walks in the room. This prompts Peanut to ask if she’s okay. She explains that she put together a bag of gifts for him, all to show how much she cares about him. While this is something he appreciates, it’s clear he’s still a bit concerned. But any confusion he has melts away with the reveal of her first gift…

@peanutandlauren Excited for this new journey 🥺🍼 #fyp #couples #relationships #pregnant ♬ Stuff We Did (from 'Up') – Piano Version – your movie soundtrack

As soon as Peanut lays eyes on the baby onesie, he realizes what’s happening. Then, Lauren confirms it by showing off her positive pregnancy test. Once he’s finally able to comprehend that yes, Lauren really is pregnant, he can’t stop saying, “I’m gonna be a dad?”

This sweet couple go on to cry tears of joy as they embrace each other. Their level of pure excitement and happiness is so wonderful to witness!

Emotional Pregnancy Reveal Will Have You in Tears

Ever since news broke of Lauren’s pregnancy, the couple continues to get so much support. This is true of their friends and family as well as kind strangers on social media.

“His whole world was just made,” someone in the comments notes.

“The way he excitedly bounced away like Tigger!!” another says. “He’s going to be an awesome dad!!!”

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