Man’s Precious Daddy Daughter Dance Song Is Enough To Make Anyone Tear Up.

Daddy Daughter song

A Nashville, TN, singer and songwriter recently released a teaser for a new “daddy-daughter song,” and it has fathers all around the country in tears.

Jon Mullins, who first found fame on The Voice, is the proud father of daughter Charlotte, 2, and one-month-old twins, Theodore and Olivia. While he’s loving every moment of parenthood, it didn’t come easy for him and his wife, Whitney.

Whitney lost her first child during a life-threatening miscarriage in May 2021. Only a few months later, she learned she was carrying Charlotte, and doctors considered the pregnancy “high risk” because of a traumatic brain injury she suffered in 2016. Fortunately, Charlotte was born during a routine C-Section, healthy and happy.

Jon Mullins

Theodore and Olivia, however, started struggling early in their third trimester. Doctors noticed “decreased fetal movement,” which had Whitney regularly in and out of the checkups. Then at 32 weeks, Whitney fell gravely ill.

“Whitney woke up with her face swollen, a nosebleed, a headache, swollen ankles, swollen hands, and a blood pressure that got up to 190/105,” Jon told PEOPLE. “[She] was showing symptoms of preeclampsia.”

The symptoms worsened to the point that her doctors believed she would have a stroke, so Whitney had an emergency C-section, and the twins were born at only 32 weeks.

Jon Mullins Twins 32 weeks premature.

“Theodore came out 3 lbs., 15 oz., and Olivia came out 4 lbs., 9 oz,” Jon continued. “When Theodore came out, he had very low respiratory drive, and Olivia had zero respiratory drive. She was moving, but she wasn’t breathing one bit.”

The babies spent three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, but they’re doing well today.

Jon Mullins Pens Lyrics As He Imagines Walking His Daughter Down the Aisle

Amid the fear and turmoil surrounding Olivia and Theodore’s birth, Jon Mullins was feeling particularly sentimental about his children, especially his first little girl, so he penned lyrics to a special daddy-daughter song called Time Machine.

The words came from Jon imagining the day he walks Charlotte down the aisle. As she walks towards her groom, he remembers her “with “pigtails, painted nails, and toy tea parties” and he says he’d “invent a time machine just to live it over and over.”

Jon shared a snippet of the song on Facebook, which features little Charlotte, engaging with her dad while he sings her the song.

“I just wrote the PERFECT Daddy Daughter dance songgg 😭😭😭and it makes [me] cryyyyy,” he captioned.

Be sure to share this story with all the proud fathers in your life, and If you want to buy the tune for the special daughters in your life, you can download it here (currently on pre-sale).

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