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10 Perfect Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

This article originally appeared on AllProDad.com and reflects their mission and beliefs.

Your daughter is excited. She has a date with her first love. There’s no insecurity because she knows her date loves her unconditionally. She has known him her whole life. He is faithful, trustworthy, and fun. There’s a knock on the door. She opens the door, sees her date, and smiles, “Hi, Daddy,”and your heart melts.

It may dawn on you: The only guy I know that I can trust with this jewel is me. Hopefully, there will be a guy you feel just as confident about at some point. But you can worry about that later because tonight it’s all about the two of you. Taking your daughter on dates is one of the most important things you can do for her because you are setting a standard. We want to help you plan a great time together. Here are 10 perfect ideas for a daddy-daughter date night that will take her breath away.

Note: Somewhere around middle school, she will probably go through a phase of awkwardness with you. She won’t want to be seen with you, and there may even be barriers to conversation. Don’t worry. It will get better. In the meantime, take her to places where she won’t see anyone she knows.

1. Do Her Favorite Thing.

Figure out her favorite activity, game, or sport. A date can be as simple as playing “horse”if she loves basketball or sitting at a park table making crafts.

2. Go on a Picnic.

Pack her favorite foods, particularly dessert. Make a playlist of her favorite songs. Find a great field and put down a comfortable blanket. After eating, read to her or lay down and play cloud shapes.

3. Paint Pottery.

This gives you the opportunity to be creative and come away with something tangible to remember your time together.

4. Go to a Carnival/Festival.

A corn-dog, funnel cake, cotton candy, and your daughter by your side. Sounds like heaven. Enjoy the sights and sounds; perhaps win her a stuffed animal.

5. See a Show.

It can be as simple as local theater or as elaborate as a Broadway show. My sister still talks about my dad taking her to see Annie in New York well over 30 years ago.

6. Take Her Shopping.

Set the budget before you go. Perhaps it is even a no purchase shopping day or something small. When it comes to shopping, girls enjoy the journey as much as the item. The size of your credit card is not what communicates love, but your willingness to be in her world.

7. Try Geo-caching.

Get out into nature in a fun way by looking for hidden treasure. Most of the time, you will find an old nasty toy. The actual treasure will be your time together.

8. Have a Dinner Date.

Simple, classic, and plenty of opportunities to talk. Take her to her favorite place or find a new one where neither one of you have been.

9. Host a Ball at Home or Go to a Formal Dance Class.

Girls love to dance. The first person they should learn with or teach them ought to be their dad. If they are still in the era of princesses, set up a ball at home. Play the prince. Give her the Cinderella experience. If she is older, take her to a formal dance class or perhaps even swing dancing if you are really brave.

10. Have a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Come up with a list of things to capture. You can choose to make the list and surprise her with the idea or have her help you. The two of you can choose to be in the pictures or not.

This article originally appeared on AllProDad.com and reflects their mission and beliefs.

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