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Man With Down Syndrome Shares Sweetest Bond With His Brother & Their Videos Are Too Cute

Nick and his younger brother, Gabe, hug. They're both wearing checkered pink and gray button-ups with an "I am Kenough" shirt underneath. Gabe is also holding an iced coffee.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to Down syndrome. That’s why so many people create fun, educational content to spread awareness of the realities of this condition. Nick Safier and his little brother, Gabe, are the perfect examples. Together, they create some of the most heartwarming content, much of which revolve around their sibling relationship.

For starters, Gabe is not a fan of when Nick has to leave the house for work (or any other reason). But having a routine for when Nick leaves and returns makes the process not only easier but something to look forward to each day. The routine is simple but impactful: They chat and hug. Most importantly, Gabe often gives Nick a small kiss on the nose.

@nickyandgabe the best way to come home 🥰 #foryou #brothers #downsyndrome #brotherlylove #fyp ♬ original sound – Nick Safier

“Gabe lives his life to the fullest,” Nick tells TODAY.com. “I often hear, ‘Gabe is so lucky to have a brother like you’ … but there’s also the reality of what Gabe has brought to me and our family.”

By sharing glimpses into their lives, Nick hopes to combat common misbeliefs about folks with Down syndrome. This includes making it clear that at 21 years old, Gabe is able to live his life to the fullest, no matter the struggles he faces.

@nickyandgabe the way he says goodbye 🥰 #foryou #brothers #brotherlylove #downsyndrome #fyp ♬ original sound – Nick Safier

“When anyone in the family is happy or upset, Gabe understands that on such a deep level,” says Nick. “If Gabe sees us crying, he will cry too … or he laughs to the point where people have to calm him down.”

Another way the two bond is through fashion. More specifically, Gabe loves to wear the same clothes as his brother. In fact, there are times when Gabe will put on the exact same outfit as him, and Nick has no idea how he did it. Needless to say, when this happens, it’s the best surprise.

@nickyandgabe He always finds a way in the end 🥰 #foryou #brothers #brotherlylove #downsyndrome #fyp ♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Nick and his family aren’t afraid to be open and honest about Gabe’s struggles with Down syndrome. For example, now that he’s 21, their parents are officially his legal guardians. But even though his life will look different than some, that doesn’t mean it isn’t great or fulfilling.

“Gabe will never go to college, live on his own, get married or have children,” Nick shares. “He can’t write his name. At the beach, he doesn’t understand why he can’t swim past a certain point in the ocean. These are realities of the cards that we’re dealt. However, the beauty is, (Gabe has so much) love and appreciation for family and having fun.”

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