Man Turns Tumble On The Ice Into The Smoothest Holiday Proposal.

A man falls on the ice while trying to pull off a holiday proposal.

When one man’s holiday proposal didn’t go exactly as planned, he decided to roll with the punches. The result was one of the slickest recoveries we’ve ever seen! While ice skating with his partner, Jaquell Chandler accidently slipped and fell. However, this accident ended up working out in his favor, since he was going to propose anyway. He was already down, so he figured he might as well get down on one knee, too!

Jaquell’s partner, Bianca, was blown away by the Christmas proposal. Once the groom-to-be was back on his feet, he kissed his new fiancé while everyone else on the rink applauded. This adorable moment was caught on camera and shared on social media. Instagram commenters couldn’t believe how Jaquell turned his slip into the best proposal ever!

“Smoothest thing I’ve seen all year,” wrote one user.

“Aww he fell for her,” joked another.

A man falls on the ice while trying to pull off a holiday proposal.
Screengrab from Instagram

It usually takes a lot of effort to come up with a memorable proposal, but this hilarious holiday moment shows us that there are some things we simply can’t plan. However, with the right attitude, we can take what fate hands us and turn it into something beautiful. We’re wishing all the best to Jaquell and Bianca as they embrace the next chapter of their lives!

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