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Tearjerker: Bride-To-Be Shares Emotional Moment She Asks Her Stepdad To Officiate Her Wedding.

Weddings are all about love. There’s the love between the people getting married, of course. But this day is also perfect for making other important folks in your life feel seen and appreciated, too. For soon-to-be bride, Shylah May, one of these people is her stepfather — that’s why she wants to have him be the officiate for her big day.

Odds are, Shylah’s stepdad is happy to have her walk up to him and simply ask the question. But this sweet daughter goes the extra mile to make the moment special. Luckily, she’s able to capture the heartwarming moment on camera!

View of the inside of the box that Shylah gives to her stepdad to ask him to be her officiate. The box is placed on a dining table. Inside is a bottle of whiskey, a card, and a custom officiant binder engraved with his name, the bride and groom's names, and the date of their wedding. Shylah is placing an envelope inside labeled "Ralphina"

In the video, Shylah’s stepdad opens a rather large box. Inside are a few items: a bottle of whiskey, a card, and a custom officiant binder engraved with his name, the bride and groom’s names, and the date of their wedding.

Stepdad Tears Up When Asked To Officiate Wedding

“Yes, we will be surrounded by our friends, family, and loved ones on the most beautiful day of our lives, but the most important one will be who marries us,” Stepdad reads from the letter. “We couldn’t think of a more perfect person.”

@shylahmay A moment I will never forget 🥹🙏🏼💍 #officiant #2024wedding #2024bride #italybride #morethanastepdad #stepdadsoftiktok #stepdadwhosteppedup ♬ original sound – Shylahmay

In the letter, Shylah goes on to explain that her stepfather “showed me what kind of man I deserve in my life,” a sentiment that has this sweet man holding back tears.

By the time he finishes the letter, though, he can’t hold back anymore. Tears fall as he hugs both Shylah and her fiancé who, after a moment, asks if his answer is a “yes” — something this happy stepdad is happy to confirm!

“A moment I will never forget,” Shylah writes in the caption of her video.

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