Man Shares Clip Of Blind Husband’s Joyful Sprint Across Open Beach.

Matthew films his husband Paul, who is blind, running and smiling at the beach.

As an interabled couple, husbands Matthew and Paul have faced their fair share of difficulties. However, during their day at the beach, one of them enjoyed a rare moment of total freedom! Paul, who is blind, usually uses a cane to help him get around. The great thing about going to the beach, though, is that there aren’t that many obstacles in the sand.


“This is one of the few places where I don’t need my white cane,” said Paul.

When his husband asked why, Paul exclaimed, “Because there’s nothing to run into, Matthew!” before tossing his cane aside and running off into the distance.

“I’ve never seen him run that fast,” the other man chuckled to himself from behind the camera.

When Paul returned to Matthew, he was clearly elated — and a little out of breath! Unfortunately, he hadn’t counted on the fact that he wasn’t used to swinging his arms the way that people usually do while running. He ended up with some pretty sore limbs, but it was totally worth it!

Matthew films his husband Paul, who is blind, running and smiling at the beach.
Screengrab from Instagram

It’s always heartwarming to see how Matthew and Paul face the world together with love and positivity on their Instagram account. What a beautiful example of an interabled couple who are truly each other’s best friends!

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