Man Born Without A Jaw Finds Love And Happiness, Proving Naysayers Wrong.

A man born with no jaw shares a kiss with his wife.

A man who was born without a jaw is showing the world that people with disabilites deserve to find love. Joseph Williams has experienced many hardships throughout his life as a result of his condition. Beyond physical difficulties, he’s encountered a lot of people who treated him unkindly because they were afraid of his appearance. Now, however, Joseph is married to the love of his life, and he couldn’t be happier!


In a beautiful episode of Love Don’t Judge, Joseph Williams and his wife, Vania, told the story of how they met at work and fell in love. At first, Vania was hesitant to approach Joseph, but he eventually won her over with his sweetness. They were friends for a while before finally recognizing their feelings for each other.

“I was like, ‘that’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen,'” Joseph recalled of their second meeting, using a text-to-speech feature on his phone.

The pair got married in 2020, and they’ve been going strong ever since! Sadly, Joseph and Vania often face adversity as an interabled couple. In their interview, they revealed that people often leave them mean comments online insinuating that their marriage is somehow less valid. In public, onlookers stare. Sometimes, they even take photos or videos without permission.

A man born with no jaw shares a kiss with his wife.
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Most of us have a lot to learn when it comes to interacting with people who have disabilities. As a man born without a jaw, Joseph Williams has a few words for anyone unsure of how to approach someone in his situation. It’s ok to ask respectful questions, but it’s not ok to be rude! We’re so glad that he has a loving wife in his life who treats him the way he deserves.

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